We are looking forward to our future co-operations with you!

This is an initiative of a few professionals from the film industry with whom we have worked on a few projects in the past, with the aim to create even more international cooperation possibilities and above all to support the filmmakers who are looking for professional help in any stage of their project development.

We have bundled our professional skills to be able to offer a wide range of services: from script consulting, producing, film editing consulting  till festival exposure and distribution.

We welcome filmmakers from Europe and all over the world, especially the up and coming directors from the countries with less developed infrastructure from Asia, Arab countries and South America. We can help to support you to orientate in the world of European film funds and possible co-productions.

As an international team, we are also very much interested in the stories of filmmakers different cultural backgrounds living in EU.

We can guide you from your film’s idea to its production, till festival and other distribution and guarantee you a personal approach.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any question.

– directors
– script writers
– script consultants
– fundraising consultants
– producers
– editors
– postproduction house
– festival strategies consultants


Anna Vilgelmi – producer, script writer, script consultant, Germany/Russia
Anita Juka – producer, lawyer, Croatia
Hedvika Hansalova – film editor, filim editing consultant, Prague
Jordi Niubo – producer, postproduction house i/o post, Prague
Randa Nassar – film director, script editor, The Netherlands/Palestina
and me:
Ludmila Cvikova – film consultant, film curator, script consultant, producer, The Netherlands/Slovakia

Contact: ludmila@ludmilacvikova.nl

Randa Nassar
Anna Vilgelmi
Anita Juka
Jordi Niubo
Hedvika Hansalova
Ludmila Cvikova