I met Ludmila at Rotterdam in 2017 while she was doing my Tiger Talk interview. It began like a casual chat but she went into the depth of the film like no one else has done very fast. Since then we are in touch. She helps me creatively in my projects and I find her suggestions and advices really helpful. She is a great person with a passionate heart towards cinema and a very professional approach in her dealings! I am so happy that cinema connected me to this wonderful person from a different part of the world.

Sanal Kumar Sasidharan
film director, India

Ludmila’s contribution into the careers of emerging talents and their film projects is invaluable. With a perfect eye for good projects and deep knowledge of film industry she always mentors and shows the way to young filmmakers. In 2017, Ludmila helped to structure and establish GAIFF Pro, the industry platform of Golden Apricot International film festival and become one of the most loyal and dedicated partners of our co-production market.

Melik  Karapetyan,
Head of GAIFF Pro

I met Ludmila during her time as a programmer at the IFFR, and every minute spent with her at the various film festivals we have attended since has been pure pleasure. With her extensive experience in the Middle East through her work with the Doha Film Institute, Ludmila knows the scene in the Arab world quite impressively, making me wonder if she has not simply been a Middle Eastern in a past life. Ludmila is very generous, and has supported me in various ways through her network and connections, pushing my projects forward and introducing me to new people. She proactively helped me bring more visibility to my documentary, and with my upcoming feature project. 

Cyril Aris, film director Lebanon, www.cyrilaris.com

Ludmila Cvikova, is one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met in the international film fraternity. Ludmila found my debut film Flying Fish before she found me. Then she elegantly introduced my cinema to the world. When I met her in person for the first time in January 2011 at the IFF Rotterdam, she taught me how to walk carefully as a filmmaker when I took steps towards a successful future. Then I had the great opportunity to work with her for my second film, Burning Birds in 2016. She was my consultant. Since 2010 to this day, I always reach out to her to find solutions for issues in my productions from development to distribution and sales. She helps me to find out the possible and appropriate solutions, always with a smile and a warm heart. I simply want to say if there was no Ludmila, perhaps my path as a filmmaker would have been a very different one.

Sanjeewa Pushpakumara
Filmmaker, Sri Lanka

Ludmila Cvikova has been associated with Armenian cinema and Armenian filmmakers for more than twenty years. In the late 90s, when cinema professionals in Armenia just opened the doors of European cinema and European film festivals, none of us had any idea about how film production works in European countries, what are the ways to be integrated into the European “film family”. And Ludmila, who was at that time the programmer of the IFF Rotterdam responsible for Eastern Europe and post-Soviet territory, became for many of Armenian directors/producers and for me personally an indispensable guide, consultant, adviser in various fields of the film industry.

Being experienced expert with unique background, combining knowledge of  the best Western practices with an understanding of the characteristics and needs of developing countries in Eastern Europe, Ludmila provided a very productive creative consultancy for film institutions and festivals in Armenia (including Ministry of Culture and National Film Center), as well as for individual filmmakers and producers.

I would like specially mention the important role that Ludmila played in the creation and implementation of a unique in its kind project – Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival (GAIFF), which became the most important film industry event in the region. As one of the founders of this festival and the festival’s Art Director for fifteen years, I can rightfully say that Ludmila might be considered as a co-founder, or  the“Godmother ”(as friends here call her) of the GAIFF. She not only contributed a lot in designing a festival concept, but she always helped and helps us with film programming and guest scouting. On the other hand, she is an indispensable mentor and trainer for the GAIFF Pro program, which is an innovative one-of-a-kind industry platform for local, regional and international film professionals in the frames of GAIFF. On-to-one meetings, workshops and group trainings performed by Ludmila are always very effective as they tailor-made to the individual needs of directors and producers from the region. They cover different subjects: changes in film industry nowadays and how to find your way, how to pitch your project, following your own artistic originality and more.

Susanna Harutyunyan,
Golden Apricot IFF Yerevan, a founder and a former Artistic Director